The Livingston Scholastic Chess Tournament is our major tournament which is organized 3 times a year - fall, winter and spring. In past years, we've had  great successes as more and more of our chess kids are getting better at competitive chess. A good number have made it into the top 100 in their age group in the United States. Also, they have a better understanding of the playing conditions, rules and regulation of the game as directed by the US Chess Federation. It also serves as an opportunity for training as professional chess players with them getting used to notation, chess clocks and a chance to boost their ratings.

For this tournament, we have 3 sections namely Primary, Junior and Reserve. The sections are categorized by ratings and as such, each kid's rating determines what section he/she plays. All the sections are US Chess Federation rated and require US Chess membership.

We do adjust the rating benchmark for each section so as to ensure that kids with same playing strength are put in the same section. Trophies will be given based on registration for each section. Lunch is provided for all the kids entered for the tournament. Entry fee is $35.


We introduced the Monthly Quads to give children an opportunity to have a competitive play session where they can practice what they've been taught, get familiar with US Chess tournament conditions, rules and regulations and prepare them to become future champions. Also, it serves as an avenue for them to play competitive chess between our Scholastic Tournaments and a chance to boost their rating.

The Monthly Quads is a 4-player, all-play-all, 3 round tournament that is held every last Sunday of the month in collaboration with the Do-Re-Mi School of Music & the Arts in Livingston, NJ, except for January, April and October when we have Scholastic Tournaments. 4 kids of similar rating range form a quad and as such we can have as many quads as possible with a maximum of 12 Quads. Players unrated to 1700 can register. All kids gets prizes in forms of chess books, magazines, software and other chess training materials including free tournament entry. 

Please register online or stop by at the Do-re-mi School of Music and the Arts office; 93A South Livingston Ave, Livingston NJ 07039

For payments, kindly make checks payable to Livingston Scholastic Chess Tournaments LLC or in cash at the Do-re-mi School of Music and the Arts office; 93A South Livingston Ave, Livingston NJ 07039